About Baji Live Affiliate Program

Baji Live Affiliate Programme offers a remarkable opportunity for individuals and businesses to enter the lucrative world of online gaming partnerships. With Baji Live’s position as one of the leading online gaming platforms, becoming an affiliate allows you to align yourself with a trusted and reputable brand, setting the stage for potential success.

Baji Live boasts an extensive collection of high-quality games that cater to a diverse range of players’ interests and preferences. From thrilling slots to immersive live casino experiences, the platform offers something for everyone. This wide variety of games, coupled with regular updates and new releases, ensures that players keep coming back for more, providing you with a consistent stream of potential customers to convert into revenue.

Additionally, Baji Live’s attractive bonuses and promotions are designed to entice and retain players, further enhancing the platform’s appeal. With enticing welcome offers, exciting tournaments, and exclusive rewards, Baji Live creates an atmosphere of excitement and engagement, making it easier for you to attract new players and drive conversions.

Terms for Affiliates

As an esteemed affiliate of Baji, affiliates have the opportunity to earn a lucrative lifetime commission of 40% on the revenue generated by the players they refer to the platform. Baji values its affiliates and aims to provide them with comprehensive reporting tools that offer insights into the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns for the betting business. This empowers affiliates to make data-driven decisions, optimize their strategies, and maximize their earnings.

In addition to the attractive commission rate, Baji offers various ongoing campaigns that present additional earning potential for affiliates. These campaigns are thoughtfully designed to reward affiliates’ efforts and drive greater success in their partnership with Baji.

To ensure a seamless commission payout process, Baji distributes affiliates’ earnings every Wednesday following the end of the commission period. However, affiliates must meet specific requirements starting from October 16 to be eligible for the payout.

These requirements include maintaining a minimum of 5 active players in their affiliate account during the commission period, completing the KYC process for their affiliate account, and meeting a minimum commission payout amount of 3000 BDT or higher. If you imagine the chain where player’s activity is the first link and your profit is the last, then the second one is the 18% deduction.

Affiliates are advised that if they have a negative carry forward balance, they will not be able to withdraw any funds until the balance is positive. To stay informed about commission payouts and related updates, Baji requires all affiliates to join the Baji Live affiliate Telegram channel, where they will receive timely notifications and important information regarding their earnings.

How to become an affiliate of Baji Live

Becoming an affiliate with Baji is a seamless and efficient process that can be completed in just a few simple steps. To register for a Baji affiliate account and kickstart your journey, follow the instructions below:

  • Access the Baji affiliate website and look for the register button located at the top right corner of the page. Click on it, and a convenient pop-up page will appear.
  • Upon the appearance of the pop-up page, click OK to proceed. Then, select the «Sign Up!» option to create a new account and begin your registration.
  • Fill in all the necessary information in the provided fields. Make sure to include details such as your desired username, a secure password, preferred currency, your full name, date of birth, phone number, and email address. If you have a refer code or referrer’s username, you can enter them in the appropriate fields, although they are optional. Lastly, enter the verification code displayed on the screen to ensure the security of your registration.
  • After double-checking your information, click the «Sign Up» button to finalize the registration process. Your account status will be shown as «UNDER REVIEW» as dedicated affiliate support team begins the verification process.
  • Within 48 hours, affiliate support team will reach out to you to verify the details you provided during sign-up. They will ensure that all the information is accurate and complete, allowing for a smooth approval process.

By following these straightforward steps, you will be well on your way to becoming a registered affiliate with Baji. Harness the exciting opportunities and generous benefits that await you as part of the Baji Live affiliate programme. Join today and take your first step towards a rewarding partnership with Baji.